Hi, I'm Jill Mackey! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the State of New Jersey. I obtained my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Marist College as well as a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University. My clinical framework includes existential techniques; client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy as well as exploring family roles. I have a range of experience from intensive in-home/in-school therapy with adolescents, domestic violence shelters, inpatient rehabilitation with substance abusers as well as outpatient therapy with individuals of all ages and all diagnoses. My special interest populations include working with the Disease of Addiction, Individuals with Codependency (ACOA/Naranon), Relationship/Attachment Difficulties, and Trauma. From a strength's based perspective, I believe in helping clients learn to live a clean & balanced life one moment at a time by encouraging them too kind to themselves through the utilization of self-soothing techniques and a non-judgmental stance. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, playing tennis, meditating, yoga, and running with my dog, Ry girl. I am also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and love to compete in Spartan Races & Triathlons.

It’s Hurricane Season! Tips to Fight Addiction

When people hear the term "Hurricane Season", What do they think of? Most people reading this blog would probably guess the time between June-September in which the tropical areas of the world are most likely to be struck by a tropical storm/hurricane, right? Yes. However, in the emotional/psychological realm, the term "Hurricane Season" has begun [...]

Staying Active Can Be Hard, What’s That About?

Do you struggle with staying consistent with exercising? Does it seem like everything else is more important? Does this inconsistency bleed into other areas of your life? Many wonder what's that about? Researchers & social scientists alike agree that staying active is a very important part of life. It not only improves physique and physical [...]

Stinking Thinking!: How to beat Negative Thoughts

I think most of us will agree that communication is a central aspect of most successful relationships. And yet, most people continue to struggle with saying what they mean without their stinking thinking getting in the way! Stinking Thinking are those pesky negative thoughts that tell us 'we're not good enough' or 'this person meant [...]

Mindful or “Mind full” ?

I'm sure you have heard the word mindful before, especially if you've checked in to read our blogs.. But what does it really mean? Are we being Mind full or Mindful? Is your mind full of clutter? When you are doing 1 task, are you thinking about the other 10 things on your to do [...]

Don’t worry about it!: How to Not be a Worry Wort

How many times have you felt very stressed and turned to friends for empathy and all you received was a "Don't worry about it!". It is very easy to say "Don't worry about it!" but unfortunately, it is not as easy to live by as Anxiety can feel unmanageable if left unattended. The main problem [...]

Are you Struggling with Codependency?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your partner's emotions? Do find you rarely focus on your own needs? Are you unsure where you end & your partner begins? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that you are struggling with codependency. Codependency is defined as over-reliance on a person or in layman's terms [...]

Being Your Own Best Friend. How to do Self-Love

Do you struggle with showing up for yourself when things get hard? Do you often say yes when you mean no to avoid confrontations? Do you need others to like you in order to feel whole? Sounds like you could use some work on being your own best friend! Being our own best friend means that [...]

Marriage and Mindfulness: Wedding Perfection

When I got engaged a year & a half ago, I truly had no idea how stressful it would be to actually plan a wedding. Despite hearing how difficult it was from others & how excited they were that it was over. I was determined that the wedding blues would not happen to me! I [...]

Surviving Early Recovery: More than just 12-Steps

For many years, 12 step meetings were one of the only additional resources for individual struggling with surviving early recovery from substances outside of individual counseling. Recently, similar programs have formed... 7 step programs, 9 step programs, SMART recovery & Celebrate Recovery, etc. Though AA & NA & similar fellowship programs have proven to be very helpful for some people in [...]

The 5 Love Languages

Do you ever feel like no matter how much 'love' you provide to your partner that nothing is ever enough? Do you 'know' your partner loves you but you don't 'feel' it all the time? Perhaps you and your partner's love languages are out of sync. Love Languages? What is that?  Isn't just saying I love you enough? It's [...]


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