Do you struggle with staying consistent with exercising? Does it seem like everything else is more important? Does this inconsistency bleed into other areas of your life? Many wonder what’s that about? Researchers & social scientists alike agree that staying active is a very important part of life. It not only improves physique and physical health but overall, energy, quality of life, mood, sex life, combat cravings, etc. And yet, despite knowing the benefits.. people still struggle with maintaining consistency. What’s that about? Good question! Lets investigate..

Is it because is there limited access to information about health & fitness? Not really. These days, we are surrounded with more nutritional resources & information than ever before. Between internet, books, pod casts, magazines, and gym’s on every corner, we’ve got most of the bases covered and yet, we are living in one of the most obese society’s in the last 100 years. Also, We get the lectures from our doctors & family members about how it improves cholesterol & blood pressure and many other areas of physical health.

Is it because its unaffordable? Sure, gyms & fitness classes such as pure barre, orange theory, etc. are expensive. However, there are many at home options that you can do for FREE!, ie: taking your dog for a walk, going for a hike, yoga, body weight exercises (sit ups, push ups, squats, lunges, etc). There is no need to pigeon hole yourself into only going to a gym.. There are many ways to get your heart rate up! At home options are also a great idea if you are feeling insecure or  intimidated of the gym, at first.

Are we too busy? Every one could make this argument & in fact, A lot of people do! They say they dont have ‘time’ for exercising. Its not about having time, its about MAKING time. Set that alarm 30 minutes earlier if you can. Take a walk during your lunch break. Take an extra long walk after work, etc. Go to that new rock climbing gym with your kids. Play outside with your kids more often. Etc. Be creative about making time to show up for yourself. Also too.. This is where resentments happen, we can always find time to show up for others and its time to learn how to show up for ourselves!

Do we not have enough energy? Well guess what.. exercising will give you more energy! After a week or so, you will notice immediate increase in energy & mood and more stable energy throughout the day especially if you pair staying active with eating healthy! But.. one thing at a time 🙂  Exercising is like the gift that keeps on giving! Once you increase your energy naturally from working out, you will be able to complete so many more things in less time & you will feel so much better about yourself!

So, take a moment now & think about all the emotional excuses you make about why you aren’t in the shape you’d like to be in and perhaps, why the other areas of your life are not going the way you want them to!

If after reading this, you’ve decided that you are TIRED of being this inconsistent person, we can help! Don’t hesitate, call us at Specialized Therapy Associates today at 1-201-488-6678 to make an appointment to help you figure out which barriers are standing the way of staying active and you being your best self!