Why Willpower ?

Have you been trying to get your finances under control, wanting to loose weight, or trying to quit smoking for longer than you can remember but just don’t seem able to resist doing all the wrong things? If so, you are in good company as 27% of Americans reports willpower is the biggest barrier to change in their life.

We all have things we want to overcome and just don’t seem to be able to manage. People say “I just don’t have the willpower, but we all have willpower. The key to success in meeting your goals is in knowing how to use the willpower you have. The group covers how to use willpower strategies for any area in your life that you want change.

The Willpower Workout is a 10 week self-control enhancement group focused on learning how to marshal your willpower. The group is based on research in psychology that shows how willpower works.


  • Learn what works and what undermines willpower
  • Learn the benefits of self control
  • Develop and track your own willpower
  • Implement effective skills to increase control
  • Learn triggers and how to stay away from them
  • Learn the importance of sleeping and eating regularly — even when you are trying to loose weight
  • Learn the importance of setting realistic goals — and what those goals are for weight or spending management
  • Learn what relaxation and meditation can do to help you keep on track
  • The group offers participants a supportive environment, which is in itself one of the ways to support willpower development.

There is no time like the present to take action.

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