Treating eating disorders is more than simply a lesson in nutrition or promoting healthy eating.  For the sufferer of an eating disorder, it is an all-consuming mental health issue that impacts a majority, if not every, facet of that person’s life and is potentially life-threatening.  The individual may plan out their entire day and/or avoid certain activities/situations due to their eating disorder.  Often, individuals describe their ED in the first person because of how consuming and “demanding” it feels.   It is not a lack of knowledge about healthy eating, in fact, the exact opposite is more often true.  They may know more about health and nutrition then you like the mental health therapist.  Eating disorders are a debilitating mental health condition which is compounded by the issues of physical health.  However, the role of therapists is to help the patient relieve themselves of the incessant voice in their mind, the constant worry and fear and to improve their self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

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