The employee assistance program services or EAP is designed to help employees and their families cope with psychological and health concerns that affect their ability to work. Consultations are provided to the employee’s supervisor. Often the employer is willing to provide support while the employee is striving to achieve required performance standards at work.

The EAP program provides solutions to troubled employees. The program trains supervisors and managers on how to identify employees who are affected by emotional and psychological, as well as health problems and to provide early intervention. The program provides education and counseling to all employees to develop and maintain good health practices. Employers are stressed with health insurance costs as well as costs related to absenteeism. Our program promises to decrease these costs as well as improve employee performance.

Our EAP services are customized to the organization’s size and needs. We provide short-term counseling and referrals as required. STA can act as a gatekeeper for inpatient treatment and assist with providing the employee with the most effective and efficient type of care.

We provide coaching services in addition to face to face services. The convenience for access is important to achieve compliance.

Our EAP program can utilize its network to offer services that are local to the employee. In addition to the clinical services provided, STA’s staff can provide executive assessment and employee testing for selection. We do critical incident stress debriefing and on-site counseling when workplace incidents occur. The employee’s family members are able to access services as necessary.

Contact Dr. Vanessa Gourdine at 201-224-5200 for EAP services. All RFPs can be emailed to drg@fxmedcenters.com or mailed to P. O. Box 3016, South Hackensack, NJ 07606.