Exceptional Integrative Personalized Care

I feel compelled to introduce you to the most extraordinary model of care that you can receive only at the partnerships between the three organizations of The Functional Medicine Centers for Personalized Care, Specialized Therapy Associates, and An Exceptional You. The three organizations work together to offer truly integrative mind-body care using the Functional Medicine Model , the emotional, behavioral and psychological care through Specialized Therapy and the proprietary behavior change model of the Brain Power Program of Exceptional You.

Your plan of care will be unique only to you not merely to your concerns or symptoms. The unique interaction between genetics, environment, lifestyle, psychological makeup and life experience creates the ultimate outcome of your state of health—all of which is changeable towards a more positive outcome. The interventions are changes in lifestyle, psychology, supplements, therapeutic diets (designed for your genetics and biology), detoxification programs, stress relief, botanical and herbal medicines, and/or prescribed medicines based on the most up-to-date laboratory and assessment findings.

Specialized Therapy Associates is a team of psychologists, therapists, clinical social workers, nutritionists, psychiatrists and neuropsychologists providing assessments, support and interventions to assist with helping you create the most positive and healthy state of mind. All care is fully integrated with adjunctive treatments, like neuro-feedback, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. There are individual and group support sessions available and you choose the modality that is the best fit for you. Your mind and body are one complete system. Traditional medicine separates the mind and body as though they have no influence on each other. This cannot be further from the truth.

The Exceptional You organization has a proprietary behavior change program (The Brain Power Program) that is based on the most recent research on brain science. The brain is your most powerful organ for achieving all that you want to achieve and I am not just referring to mental health. Your brain can induce health in the body and vice versa. Your brain can be the source of all of your stress, causing malfunctions in the body. The Exceptional You behavior change program is based on scientific evidence that is proven to work, using techniques to make positive changes in your “Self” and in your life. The root causes of most problems and successes are the choices and behaviors you practice. Most people know what they should do to achieve health and happiness. The problem is how to get people to change their behavior. The Brain Power Program is implemented at the Exceptional You organization with a team of behavior change coaches prepared to help you reach your personal goals.

The triparte teams of The Functional Medicine Centers for Personalized Care, Specialized Therapy Associates and Exceptional You have an extraordinary model to address all aspects of health and do so in a dynamic and sustaining way. This will result in sustained changes in you, your health and your ability to function and achieve your goals for success and happiness.

  • John Astin,, reports that “There is now considerable evidence that an array of mind-body therapists can be used as effective adjuncts to conventional medical treatment for a number of clinical conditions.” (Journal of American Board of Family Practitioners, 2003; 16:131-147).
  • Helane Wahbeh, ND, Siegward-M. Elsas, MD and Barry S. Oken, MD all report in the journal, Neurology, (2008); 70: 2321-2328, that “There are several conditions where the evidence for mind-body therapies is quite strong such as migraine headache.”  The mind body interventions can include; meditation, relaxation, deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis for many conditions such as pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, MS, epilepsy, diabetes, stroke, ADHD, Parkinson disease, diabetes, menopause related symptoms and the list goes on.

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Dr. Vanessa Gourdine, Director