Looking for an experienced therapist but don’t have the time or means to travel to an office? Telephonic counseling is an effective alternative. Unlike other forms of counseling, telephone counseling is potentially without constraining factors that affect traditional therapy.

You will receive the great benefits of:

      • Saving on travel time/cost
      • More available appointment times
      • Increased privacy
      • Maybe covered by your insurance as are in-person therapy services


      • Options for in-person or telephonic
      • Access our staff with various specialties
      • Integrative Mind-Body therapies


STA, now offers telephonic services and we are staffed with a team of experienced practitioners with various specialties who will be matched to your needs. STA is unique because we have partner organizations for holistic care, such as Functional Medicine Centers and Exceptional You. Thanks to New Jersey Legislation, telephonic counseling is now offered as a covered service equivalent to that of in-person therapy. A study showed that about 79 percent of people with depression who had talk therapy sessions over the phone completed the full 18 weeks of therapy, compared with about 67 percent of patients who met with their therapist in person. Convenience and accessibility are key to treatment results because you are more likely to be consistent.

You can meet your therapist one-on-one, and continue with phone sessions. We even offer you phone sessions as needed. Best of all, we are right here in New Jersey. Our Intake department is staffed by caring, and exceptional people, who will work to match you with the most appropriate practitioners to meet your personal needs and your family’s goals. Call (201) 488-6678 today for an Intake Coordinator and be matched with a therapist for your specific needs.