I am Cynthia Orosy, Ph.D. and am the Clinical Director at Specialized Therapy. I am a clinical psychologist with specialized training in treating children and families.

I came to STA after working in several hospital settings. I worked in the Jersey Shore Medical Center, where I conducted psychological and neuropsychological testing as well as participating in the Child Partial Hospitalization program. I also worked in the Catholic Community Services hospital facility in Newark. There I worked with families with numerous stresses and difficulties. I came to appreciate the importance of a supportive family and community environment in the healthy growth and development of children. I also completed several years of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement oversight there. This provided a hands-on experience in identifying the best practices in our field and developing a solid commitment to teamwork and customer satisfaction.

I currently oversee child and family programs at STA. I have developed several treatment approaches for children, particularly those affected by Attention Deficit Disorder and learning disabilities. I came to specialize in ADHD and learning problems through being the parent to a child with ADHD. I also have developed programs for children whose parents are separating or divorcing, children with chronic medical conditions and their families, and do much work in parenting skills.

My education was at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where I returned to complete my degrees after having children. As a child myself, my dad worked as a trouble shooter for him company and we moved around the United States and Canada. As a young adult, I spent several years living in Canada, married and had children. When we returned to the United States, I decided to return to school and completed my graduate degrees.

During my tenure at Catholic Community Service, I completed the NJ Governor’s Task Force training in child sexual abuse. While I do not do sexual abuse evaluations or work with perpetrators of abuse, I do work with the victims and have a strong background in working with many types of abuse and trauma. I have expertise in working with anxiety and depression, enjoy doing couples counseling and love working with children. My approach is primarily cognitive and behavioral. I believe that personal change can be effectively initiated by exploring behaviors that are not working well in our lives, and by looking at thought patterns that do not support healthy positive growth. In changing both thought and behavior, people see personal growth and maintain more positive relationships and lifestyles.

In my personal life, I am the mother of 2 grown boys, who will attest that I used all those parenting strategies, consequences and behavior charts with them as they were growing up! I am an avid runner and enjoy numerous outdoor sports.