STA has an experienced staff of practitioners with a variety of specialized training experience. STA is expanding its services providing quality treatment and specialized care to its clients throughout New Jersey and now throughout New York. If you are interested in joining the STA team, we have certain minimum requirements to apply. First you must have a full license to practice psychology, psychiatry, clinical social work, Addictions counseling or professional counseling. Second, your training and experience must be in the field of outpatient psychotherapy. You must be fully trained and competent in the various psychological theories of practice. It is preferred that you have at least one focus of specialized practice. Additional skill sets, such as a second language or specialized certification are preferred.

STA hires all of its practitioners on a full time basis. To that end, we are able to build a highly qualified team of practitioners who are able to coordinate care among several practitioners if necessary to provide the full scope of care required by our clients. For example, if a parent brings a child for treatment, they will be assigned to a practitioner who specializes in children. If required, a provider on staff who prescribes medication will be involved in the treatment. If parent counseling is a component of the care then a provider with parenting skills training will be assigned to the case. All the care is coordinated within one organization.

At times, practitioners may be requested to join the STA as a network provider because of a rare specialty that is difficult to fulfill with a full time employee of the practice. We invite practitioners who are interested in joining the network to complete an application. STA requires network providers to have at least three years of post license experience providing psychotherapeutic interventions that include at least one specialty area. Potential STA staff employees and network providers must have graduated from an accredited program and completed their internship requirements from an accredited program.

If you are interested in employment with STA, you will be provided with a full time salary and a cafeteria selection of benefits. We are seeking career oriented professionals who want to join a dynamic team of practitioners to support and develop their professional lives. Please click the link below to complete your application which can be emailed, faxed or mailed to STA.

If you are a company seeking a small network in the tri-state area to provide EAP services, please contact Dr. Vanessa Gourdine for more information.

Download Job and PPO Network Application