At STA we know that individual therapy is not the same across the board for everyone. To complicate the matter, there are various forms of individual therapy: cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, psychoanalysis, Dialectical, Interpersonal and on and on. To make it more interesting, various therapies are proven more effective for different conditions. As a result, there is no chance that the average person will know which form of therapy is best for him or her. To further complicate matters, some individuals require a personality type in their therapist in addition to the type of therapy. As a result the best outcomes are achieved when the match is optimal.

At STA, we will match you to the best provider. We do this rather successfully. At least 95% if not more of our clients feel satisfied with the therapist we match him or her with. If for whatever reason you feel it is not the right match we are more than happy to re-assign you until you feel you have a good fit with your therapist. We have a very diverse staff of clinicians on board to meet your needs so we feel confident you find the right one.

We understand the needs of couples and when it is done right, couples therapy is a complex process. You have the psychological and emotional patterns of two distinct individuals who have come together to create yet another distinct entity: the relationship. Couples therapy requires advanced skills when done more in depth for permanent and long lasting change. Any therapist can teach the basics of communication and conflict resolution. What real couples need though is a real understanding of themselves and each other and the relationship they created together. Once they have insight a skilled therapist can guide through to the other side where mutual satisfaction and happiness resides.

There is no time like the present to take action.

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