Contracted Managed Care and Insurance Companies

STA is contracted with most managed care and insurance companies to provide services. Chances are that STA is within your provider network. To ensure that STA is part of your network, we will do an insurance verification free of charge and provide you with a detailed summary of your benefits as provided to us by your insurance company representative for the typical procedures utilized in behavioral health.

We did an insurance verification on your behalf and gave you information that your insurance company provided to us. The information provided to you is not guaranteed for its accuracy nor is it a guarantee of payment. To be sure of your insurance benefits, please consult your insurance policy document under mental health benefits. You are advised to know your own benefits to be sure that payments are made to STA in a manner consistent with your policy benefit. There are many reasons why your insurance may not cover services, such as, annual deductibles or annual maximum limits. You may have exhausted your benefit level. Only you will have access to information regarding how much of your benefit you have exhausted.

Not all providers are in network with all insurances. We are providing to you the information that is provided to us. Within a given insurance company, network status can vary depending on the policy type.

STA accepts as payment: check, credit card, insurance and flexible payment plans. STA does provide a sliding fee for those without insurance. (Make Payment Below)

To obtain the necessary information regarding your insurance benefit, please complete the insurance section of your registration form. Your insurance information is not necessary to register, however, we do request that you register in order to receive our free monthly newsletter by providing us with your name and email address. Your information is transmitted on a secure line and is kept confidential.