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Negative Emotions and Reducing Vulnerability to it

With a change in season, people often experience a change in their vulnerability to negative emotions. Being that there are many things outside of our control as it relates to stuff that impacts our mood (traffic, news, and weather just to name a few), it is important that we put as much effort as possible [...]

Domestic Violence

It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a relationship that's unhealthy or dysfunctional, as opposed to a relationship that's abusive.  Unfortunately, many people misinterpret signs and symptoms of domestic violence, or or turn away with the belief that "it's none of my business".  Domestic violence is serious and sometimes fatal, and it's something we [...]

What does my favorite mask hide?

Halloween is around the corner! As kids all over the world are getting ready for trick or treating and picking out costumes. It is a good time to ask yourself, What is my favorite mask? A Minions one? Spiderman? A mask that will hide my authentic self from the world? During childhood, the Halloween Masks [...]

Kids and Lying: How to find the Truth

Paul Ekman, Ph.D. in 1989 devoted an entire book about kids and lying, called Why Kids Lie, to this topic. For some of his data, he drew from a landmark study, the largest one has ever done, which was conducted in the 1920s by psychologists Hugh Hartshorne and Mark May. For a more up-to-date (2009) [...]

Relationships and Melted Ice Cream

I often say that you have to have your whole bowl of ice cream before you have your cherry on top, referring to how it’s important to have a sense of yourself, who you are, and what you want before you introduce a relationship into your life. It’s a romantic notion to feel as though [...]

The Healing Power of Laughter

Studies have shown that the Healing Power of Laughter is real. There are many positive outcomes for people that laugh on a regular basis. Because of the various benefits, health professionals have begun to incorporate humor into the treatment of patients. The study of laughter as a treatment for physiological and mental illnesses is called [...]

Beating Bedtime Battles: Help your kids sleep

Beating bedtime battles is something many parents struggle with. Parents go through bedtime with their child wondering "How many hours of sleep does she need?", How do I get him to just go to sleep?", "What do other parents do?" Other parents often wonder and yell, tuck their child in, read just one more story [...]

Returning to School – 10 Tips to Ease the Transition

10 Quick Returning To School Tips For Parents and Kids Summer is coming to a close and even if kids want to forget that school exists, you can’t miss all the ‘Back to School Sale’ signs in stores. There are several ways to ease the transition: 1. Talk to your child about going to school. [...]

Microbiota and our Health

Just in the past ten years (a short time in the progression in the biological sciences), a new understanding has arisen of the vital role of Microbiota and our Health. A new book called 10% Human by Alanna Cole explains this new outlook in very understandable terms. She picked the title of the book to [...]

Self-abandonment: Where did my voice go?

Self-abandonment is a very common occurance. Recently, I heard someone say, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." It made me think of how often people just 'go with the flow' without vocalizing their opinion or feelings about things in order to avoid confrontation. Certainly, there is time to be the [...]


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