When we enter recovery (from substances, eating, trauma, gambling etc), One of the tough lessons we learn is that it is not about feeling bad and feeling good, It is about feeling or not feeling. The “Tao of Fully Feeling” as Pete Walker calls it, is a concept that eludes most. Early in recovery, We often expect that it make things ‘better’ and are saddened to find that sometimes, We feel worse before we feel better. Once we remove what we were using to block our feelings, We are left with just that.. All of our feelings. Recovery is a process and allows to create space for a full spectrum of feelings, thoughts, etc.

When asked, Most individuals find themselves locked in the ‘mad, sad, glad’ triad and really struggle to identify and feel many other feelings. Take a moment now & think to yourself, What am I feeling? When was the last time you really sat to think about how you were feeling & how those feelings occurred in your body.

See the feelings wheel: The Emotion Wheel: What It Is and How to Use It (positivepsychology.com)

The Tao of Fully Feeling incorporates reclaiming our feelings by focusing on ourselves & what we have control over. It also allows us to center ourselves in the fullness & richness of our feelings without numbing. It can often be a long journey back to our own feelings but the value is tremendous. We can help guide you here at STA. There are many things that block our ability to feel; being too busy, substances, over eating, compulsively worrying about others problems, etc.. Sound familiar?

We often get stuck in ‘fight or flight’ instead of living in a fully mindful place. We get trapped in blame and the hustle & bustle of keeping up with everyone else instead of taking time to fall into mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation, journaling, recovery meetings, walking in nature. When we are not able to sit fully in our feelings, We are also unable to set boundaries, communicate our truth to others and also to fully live in the vessel of our bodies.

If you’d like to read more, please find the attached article: Pete Walker, M.A. Psychotherapy (pete-walker.com)

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