How Changing Body Language Can Help Your Mood

Emotions are often felt physiologically. Whenever someone is feeling stress or anxiety, body changes take place such as elevated temperature, increased respiration and, in some cases, nausea. Furthermore, people usually adopt body language that is congruent with their feelings: someone who is anxious is usually taking up little space and displays closed body language. Recent […]

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The Push-Pull

Removing toxic people from your life is sometimes essential in order to live healthier. When their actions are obviously unhealthy that makes it easier to do. But what about the relationships where it’s not always so obvious? Or if they’re family so you will always need them in your life in some way? That’s what […]

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Healing from Grief

When most people think of the word “Grief”, they associate it with having a loved one pass away. However, what we don’t realize is that there are many other times in our life where we can become grief-stricken or experience anticipatory grief without even realizing it.. which makes it very difficult to heal from.

For instance, […]

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The Benefits of Acceptance to Emotional Health

Sometimes when people try to change the attitude or behaviors of others, they often find themselves in a power struggle. When a loved one is struggling with overwhelming emotions, this can lead to dangerous situations. While acceptance of the limitations of your control over others may be helpful to your emotional state, it can also […]

Prioritizing Your Sleep is Crucial for Your Health

Did you know an alarming number of American adults, and children, are walking around sleep deprived? The good news is that taking steps to prioritize sleep and modify your lifestyle can lead to dramatic improvements to your overall health. This affects nearly every system in the body. It is vital for your memory, immune system, […]

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What is Integrative Mind-Body Health?

Integrative mind-body health uses a whole-person-centered approach to restore mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It considers environmental and lifestyle factors such as stress, nutrition, social connection, sleep, activity level and more to promote optimal functioning, mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Is one of your goals to live your best life? Do you wonder how to access […]

Simple Tips to Create Better Sleep Habits

What if I told you your sleep cycle begins the moment you are jolted awake by your alarm? It’s still dark out, you hit snooze, and then it’s not long before you are racing the clock to get out on time. This continuous cycle causes our stress hormones to surge, making us crave the sugary […]

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Summer Slide Tips

Summer slide is the potential academic loss that occurs over the summer months. In addition to the academic slide, there is a potential emotional slide that also occurs when students are separated from their peers.  How do we help children from suffering from both academic loss and emotional loss during the lazy, hazy days of […]

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The Fixed Mindset and its Ability to Impact Life and Learning

By Dr. Jill Caruso

What does it mean to have a fixed mindset?
Carol Dweck (Mindsets, 2007) defined this term as…

“Individuals believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents are just fixed traits…A fixed mindset prevents you from failing in the short run but in the long run, it hinders your ability to learn, grow and develop […]

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What Does Cell Phone Addiction Look Like?

What is the object you find most valuable in your life right now? Is it your family, or your friends? Is it your home or your car? Or is it a smaller object that keeps you connected to all of these things? Is it your cellphone?

One day I left my cellphone at home when heading […]

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