Back to School

10 Quick Returning To School Tips For Parents and Kids

Summer is coming to a close and even if kids want to forget that school exists, you can’t miss all the ‘Back to School Sale’ signs in stores. There are several ways to ease the transition:

1. Talk to your child about going to school. Focus on the positives in returning to school, seeing friends, joining after-school clubs, or talking to their favorite teachers.

2. Plan ahead. Purchase school supplies now and plan for more than your child needs. It is inevitable that kids need another notebook for journaling in English class or a separate folder for spelling words.

3. If your child has a disability, review the IEP or school plan. It is helpful for the new teacher when parents develop a list of problems their child may have, how the school plans to address problems, and/or what has worked for teachers and parents in the past.

4. Get back on a regular school-based bedtime at least one week before school starts. It takes 1 – 2 weeks for sleep patterns to acclimate.

5. Cut back on excess television time now. Begin to move back to a structured daily schedule.

6. Make a quick review of the closets. Be sure to have a presentable pair of shoes, sneakers that fit for the gym, a raincoat, an umbrella that is not broken, etc.

7. If your child has after-school care, call to confirm schedules and pick up times. Go to visit for an afternoon if possible. This allows kids to meet any new children or just reconnect with caregivers.

8. Parents need to review work and activity schedules with each other and with other caregivers. Be sure everyone understands when kids are in activities and who is expected to do the drop-off and pick up.

9. Accept kids’ feelings if they are not happy about returning to school. Who really would rather give up a day at the beach for 6 hours of sitting at a desk doing work?

10. Do not be upset if parents are happy about children returning to school. Everyone deserves a quiet time after a busy summer.

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