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Social Skills Groups: STA’s new Offerings

Many parents are concerned that their son or daughter doesn’t seem to fit in with other children or to know the appropriate responses to further their social interactions. Some children or adolescents are shy and hold back from reaching out to others. Other children or adolescents are full of energy and reach out to others […]

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Stress What Is It Good For?

Stress, What Is It Good For? If you thought “Absolutely nothing “, then A. you know that great song and B. your thinking about your various stressors, like mine and most everybody else’s, is turning out to be only partially correct at best, based on current research. Dr. Kelly McGonigal has a lot of information […]

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Am I a Functioning Addict / Alcoholic?

When asked, Many individuals define a “Functioning Addict / Alcoholic”  as someone who most likely uses substances alone from the minute they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night to avoid the ‘shakes’. These addicts or alcoholics are generally labeled as degenerate individuals with poor self-care/grooming habits (potentially homeless), who […]

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I Can’t Cope!: Learn how to Deal with Stress

Do you ever feel like screaming, ” I Can’t Cope!” after dealing with everything going on in your life? We all have times when we are going through a lot. Maybe your kids are graduating from school, your home is up for sale and your car just broke down. Or maybe it’s just one of […]

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Codependency: Am I Struggling With it?


Do you often say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’?
Do you have difficulty identifying where you end & another person begins (Boundaries)?
Do you typically feel unsatisfied in your romantic/interpersonal relationships because it feels like ‘caretaking’ and none of your needs are getting met?
Are you fearful of authority figures &/or angry people?
Do you often anticipate the needs […]

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Adjusting to Change: How to Deal With Uncertainty

Adjusting to Change can be a hard thing to truly do or even understand. Sometimes you make plans for weeks and look forward to the long weekend.  Then suddenly one of your family members gets sick and you are forced to change your plans. You are now stuck at home taking care of your loved […]

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Summertime Parenting Tips

Here are some Summertime Parenting Tips from us at Specialized Therapy Associates!

Summer is coming and kids are looking forward to time out of school, days in the park, riding bikes, or at the pool. Parents are looking forward to a break from overseeing homework and taxi service duty taking kids to sports and activities. While […]

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Angry Words – Why Do We Say That?

People often speak out in anger. Sometimes I hear friends and acquaintances say that what is said in anger is the real truth. But the real truth is that angry people use angry words that they don’t always mean. The American Psychological Association notes that there are things parents should never say to their children. […]

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The Holiday Blues: Deal with Holiday Induced Stress

Many of us think of the “holidays” as a time for family, friends, fun, and laughter.  The summer holidays are especially great times to barbeque, attend parades, and watch fireworks.  However, holidays are not always fun and happy occasions – and some refer to this as “the holiday blues”.

For people who have survived a family […]

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The Importance of Self-Care


Over the years, I have become much more aware of the importance of self-care.  Whether you’re a therapist, firefighter, police officer, EMT worker, attorney, or other first responder or helping professional, you’re at risk for experiencing compassion fatigue, Secondary Trauma, Secondary Post-Traumatic Stress, and burnout.  Even for those not in the aforementioned categories, self-care is […]

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