Do you ever feel like screaming, ” I Can’t Cope!” after dealing with everything going on in your life? We all have times when we are going through a lot. Maybe your kids are graduating from school, your home is up for sale and your car just broke down. Or maybe it’s just one of those days where the dog chewed the laundry basket, the bowl you were putting away just slipped from your hands and shattered on the floor, all after a really tough day at work.

How you cope with all of this depends on you, but healthy coping skills can be learned and developed. While some people would turn to a drink, others will turn to a good book or funny movie. Exercise is a great stress management tool. The American Psychological Association recommends exercise to manage stress and balance mood. They also recognize healthy coping skills including hobbies, reading, music, and social support.

Certainly, there are many ways to cope positively with stress. Recently I have seen more people using coloring books. There are companies now making fun coloring books for grown-ups.  Simply coloring with markers or pencils seems to have a calming effect. Who would have thought that a childhood activity you may have enjoyed could be beneficial in your adult life? So give coloring a try – and it’s up to you whether you stay in the lines or not!

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