Dr. Caruso offers guidance on executive functioning stress

Have you been experiencing difficulty focusing, or been having difficulty with your motivation to do things you used to do or to plan for your future? These executive functioning skills are how our brains help us to set goals, create plans, and to carry out those plans. When we are experiencing a high level of stress, we hit a brick wall and all of those skills stop functioning properly.
With stress, an individual may feel overwhelmed and cannot make decisions, they may experience difficulty with organizing, planning, and getting started. An individual under extreme stress may lose interest in activities, have mood swings, and be unaware or deny poor decision-making.
To regain temporary focus, an individual might want to work on simple problem-solving strategies:
– First, they will need to identify what the problem is.
– Next, they can consider some alternatives and options and create a list of strategies to move forward.
– Next, they can create an effective plan by laying out the steps to that plan.
– Finally, they may consider creating the plan in writing and planning and initiating action for that plan.
Sometimes it is difficult to initiate these steps on your own and we can help guide you through that process. At Specialized Therapy Associates and Fx Med Centers, our therapists and specialists are trained to help guide individuals to carry out these goals and plans.
You may also be concerned about the way you are processing information, and at Specialized Therapy Associates we can evaluate the way you learn information for planning and processing potential. (What does she mean by processing potential?) Some of our evaluations include neuropsychological evaluations, ADHD evaluations, and dementia identification.
If you are interested in an evaluation, you can contact our offices at (201) 488-6678. All evaluations are being conducted virtually at this time.

Author: Jill Caruso, PsyD
Assistant Director, Specialized Therapy Associates
4 Forest Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652