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Increasing Resiliency for Children During COVID-19

Back in March as our normal lives began to shut down and transition to quarantine some individuals came up with the idea that this might be a time to reinvent ourselves. Once the days stretched into weeks and then into months some of us struggled and continue to struggle with just getting through the day. […]

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Could your child be on the Autism Spectrum?

Do you think your child may be on the Autism spectrum?

Does that sound worrisome to actually hear your child may have Autism? You may have been to a parent teacher conference and the teacher mentions that your child has odd behaviors or a certain type of “Quirkiness” which makes them unique. Having Autism is very […]

Summer Slide Tips

Summer slide is the potential academic loss that occurs over the summer months. In addition to the academic slide, there is a potential emotional slide that also occurs when students are separated from their peers.  How do we help children from suffering from both academic loss and emotional loss during the lazy, hazy days of […]

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The Fixed Mindset and its Ability to Impact Life and Learning

By Dr. Jill Caruso

What does it mean to have a fixed mindset?
Carol Dweck (Mindsets, 2007) defined this term as…

“Individuals believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents are just fixed traits…A fixed mindset prevents you from failing in the short run but in the long run, it hinders your ability to learn, grow and develop […]

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What Does Cell Phone Addiction Look Like?

What is the object you find most valuable in your life right now? Is it your family, or your friends? Is it your home or your car? Or is it a smaller object that keeps you connected to all of these things? Is it your cellphone?

One day I left my cellphone at home when heading […]

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