About Jill Caruso

Dr. Caruso is an Assistant Director with Specialized Therapy Associates (STA), in Paramus, N.J. She began working at STA with over 10 years of experience in practicing psychology, specializing in working with children, adolescents, and young adults. Her specialization has focused on treating a wide variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and other life stressors. Before coming to STA, Dr. Caruso worked as a School psychologist focusing on the learning styles of students with special needs. She also specialized in coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression experienced in the school system by students, teachers, and staff. Some of her research has focused on the impact that mindfulness had on parents of children with special needs. Other research she has focused on looking at the impact that electronics/media have on individuals, both mentally and physically. She thoroughly enjoys this work and is now working on specializing in the care of individuals within the LGBTQ community as well as identification of how individuals learn and their current behaviors. Dr. Caruso practices person-centered psychotherapy and utilizes positive psychology, empowerment, and relational approaches to therapy, as well as Cognitive Behavioral approaches. She values diversity in all forms, including race, ethnicity, sexual identity and gender expression, and sexuality. She looks at each person as a unique individual considering all factors that contribute to the issue at hand and views therapy as a partnership with her client. She focuses on creating a safe and welcoming environment where clients feel as comfortable as possible. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology at William Paterson University and her Master’s in Psychology and School Psychology Certification from Montclair State University. She received her doctorate in psychology from St. Elizabeth University with a focus on Social Justice. She also is currently an adjunct professor at the St. Elizabeth University working in the Master’s programs focused on Theory development, Psychopathology and Diagnosis, Child Development, and Introduction to counseling. She also works with the undergraduate program on incorporating Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology to achieve a work/life balance. Dr. Caruso has provided numerous training and workshops to professionals on a variety of issues. During the pandemic, Dr. Caruso has worked on completing evaluations virtually to help identify issues with executive functioning, ADHD, and identification of dementia with her patients.

Dr. Caruso has advice for Pandemic induced stress

Dr. Caruso offers guidance on executive functioning stress Have you been experiencing difficulty focusing, or been having difficulty with your motivation to do things you used to do or to plan for your future? These executive functioning skills are how our brains help us to set goals, create plans, and to carry out those plans. [...]

Increasing Resiliency for Children During COVID-19

Back in March as our normal lives began to shut down and transition to quarantine some individuals came up with the idea that this might be a time to reinvent ourselves. Once the days stretched into weeks and then into months some of us struggled and continue to struggle with just getting through the day. [...]

Could your child be on the Autism Spectrum?

Do you think your child may be on the Autism spectrum? Does that sound worrisome to actually hear your child may have Autism? You may have been to a parent teacher conference and the teacher mentions that your child has odd behaviors or a certain type of “Quirkiness” which makes them unique. Having Autism is [...]

Summer Slide Tips

Summer slide is the potential academic loss that occurs over the summer months. In addition to the academic slide, there is a potential emotional slide that also occurs when students are separated from their peers.  How do we help children from suffering from both academic loss and emotional loss during the lazy, hazy days of [...]

The Fixed Mindset and its Ability to Impact Life and Learning

By Dr. Jill Caruso   What does it mean to have a fixed mindset? Carol Dweck (Mindsets, 2007) defined this term as… “Individuals believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents are just fixed traits…A fixed mindset prevents you from failing in the short run but in the long run, it hinders your ability to [...]

What Does Cell Phone Addiction Look Like?

What is the object you find most valuable in your life right now? Is it your family, or your friends? Is it your home or your car? Or is it a smaller object that keeps you connected to all of these things? Is it your cellphone? One day I left my cellphone at home when [...]


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