Here are some Summertime Parenting Tips from us at Specialized Therapy Associates!

Summer is coming and kids are looking forward to time out of school, days in the park, riding bikes, or at the pool. Parents are looking forward to a break from overseeing homework and taxi service duty taking kids to sports and activities. While summertime should be a time for a break, it should not consist entirely of lazy days in the sun.

During summer, parents need to maintain a routine. Granted the routine can be more flexible, but there should be a routine. The American Psychological Association cites having structure in their lives as an important factor in helping kids develop resilience. So, set a daily routine and include days for special activities like a family trip to the local kid’s museum or an afternoon seeing the latest animated movie.

Do not dispense with bedtime during the summer. Kids and teens still need to maintain a reasonable bedtime and good summertime parenting means this get enforced. Besides, parents need to have their own quiet time after the kids are in bed. Continue regular reading time – whether before bed alone or together. It is important to maintain some educational activities during the summer. This can include visiting museums or taking part in summer activity camps, computer classes or whatever your child is interested in.

Finally, while parents can expend time with video games, kids still need to go outside and play. Think about summer recreation activities, sports, bike rides with the family and  playdates.  Keep video and TV time down to only a couple hours a day. Spend the rest of the day enjoying the warm and relaxing summertime!

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