Do you often feel overwhelmed by your partner’s emotions? Do find you rarely focus on your own needs? Are you unsure where you end & your partner begins? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that you are struggling with codependency. Codependency is defined as over-reliance on a person or in layman’s terms ‘Needing to be needed’.

Often stemming from childhood, Codependency is fostered & developed when we are in relationships with partners or parents who struggle with addiction &/or mental health and need more help from us than we are capable of providing. And thus.. the hustle for worthiness & people pleasing begins. As a result of this upbringing and or adult relationship, we tend to become approval seekers and lose our own identities & needs in the process due to our overdeveloped sense of responsibility.

Some patterns & characteristics of codependency include (but are not limited to); low self-esteem, very difficult time tolerating seeing others in distress, overly compliant/loyal, martyrdom, difficulty setting appropriate boundaries with others, always need to be in control & or allow others to control them, avoid their own feelings & often use passive aggression, fear of confrontation, high tolerance of abuse, and enabling others.

Although most codependent’s appeared very happy & ‘nice’ and proclaim to enjoy meeting other people’s needs, it is actually a very difficult & lonely way to live because they do not allow themselves to be their own person with their own thoughts and feelings.

Here are some steps to improve codependent relationships:

  1. Setting effective boundaries
  2. Taking time for yourself & your own talents
  3. Letting go of what others think of you & focus more on what you think of you
  4. Allow yourself to agree to disagree while maintaining your own opinions

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