I think most of us will agree that communication is a central aspect of most successful relationships. And yet, most people continue to struggle with saying what they mean without their stinking thinking getting in the way! Stinking Thinking are those pesky negative thoughts that tell us ‘we’re not good enough’ or ‘this person meant to hurt us’ or ‘this person wont like us if we tell them the truth’, etc. Stinking Thinking has a way of permeating our brain and results in a lot of depression, anxiety and overall, low self esteem. Often, we don’t say how we feel for so long that we become disconnected with our own thoughts & feelings and all we have left is the Stinking Thinking, which is not a good place to be!

Being ‘in our head’ (and not in our heart) is a scary place as we craft distorted narratives that often do not even resemble the truth. This Stinking Thinking prevents us from being vulnerable in our relationships, prevents us from taking chances at work & often leaves us feeling not good enough.

Some examples of Stinking Thinking include:

  • Mind reading: “I already know what the person is thinking about me”
  • Fortune telling: “I already know whats going to happen”
  • Catastrophizing: Making a mountain out of a molehill
  • Black & White thinking: Things are all GOOD or all BAD, its either ALWAYS or NEVER
  • Filtering: Only hearing the negative piece of what someone is saying

If you’re thinking.. Yes this is me! But I don’t know how to break out of this.. You’ve come to the right place! We are here to help you change your negative thoughts and improve the quality of your emotional life. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Reach out to Specialized Therapy today at 1-201-488-6678.