For many years, 12 step meetings were one of the only additional resources for individual struggling with surviving early recovery from substances outside of individual counseling. Recently, similar programs have formed… 7 step programs, 9 step programs, SMART recovery & Celebrate Recovery, etc. Though AA & NA & similar fellowship programs have proven to be very helpful for some people in surviving early recovery, in my years of being a therapist I’ve heard many people say “I need more than just 12 step meetings” countless times and I believe there is a multitude of different reasons for this.

Some people struggle with finding a sponsor, some people aren’t 100 % sold on the whole ‘Higher Power’ concept, while others feel triggered being around so many people and are not really sure what to say or how much they want to share.

Some individuals aren’t sure where they fit in and don’t feel as ‘sick’ as others. They might not be sure how the ‘steps’ will help them, or report feeling uncomfortable with giving people their phone number right off the bat and also need more direction & guidance.

If you are one of these people, then the Early Recovery Group is for you! Here at STA, we got tired of just hearing people say “I need more than just 12 step meetings” and not doing anything about it. Now, we are starting an Early Recovery Group here at STA for both men and women over the age of 18 who are in the early stages of sobriety and are needing a little extra help.

Whether you have found meetings helpful or not, you are welcome here! Even if you love AA/NA & just feel you could benefit from some extra support from trained professionals, you are welcome here!

In the early recovery group, We work on relapse prevention planning, developing a sober support network, how to manage cravings & identify triggers, offer education on cross addictions & self-sabotaging behaviors and most importantly, provide support & encouragement to help you reclaim your life!

-Jill Mackey, LPC.

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