The world we live in is obsessed with success and what it means to be successful and the stigma of medication. It is easy to see why some people view a setback or a mistake as a failure. It can be a blow to an individual’s ego and self-esteem if they think this way and are struggling with accepting their mental health concerns. It can also be a shock to some people when they are recommended psychotropic medication as part of their treatment for the first time. Some people falsely believe that medication is only for those who are really sick. There are also those who resist taking medication because they view this as a weakness or that they are now a failure.

Taking prescription medication to treat mental health issues can be a crucial part of treatment similar to how vital insulin can be to a diabetic. When clients are resistant to psychotropic medications it is important to calm their fears that medication will not turn them into a “zombie” or a shell of the person that they used to be. The psychotropic medication works to addresses chemical imbalances that are causing the individual distress due to distortions in their thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

It is important to note that medication in conjunction with therapy is most often the most successful course of treatment.


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