When people hear the term “Hurricane Season”, What do they think of? Most people reading this blog would probably guess the time between June-September in which the tropical areas of the world are most likely to be struck by a tropical storm/hurricane, right? Yes. However, in the emotional/psychological realm, the term “Hurricane Season” has begun to take on a new meaning. In 12 step fellowships such as Overeaters and Alcoholics Anonymous, the term “Hurricane Season” is being used as an analogy to describe the time of year between October-January in which many people are likely to ‘relapse’ due to their internal/external emotional storms.

So, What makes October-January “Hurricane Season”?

Well.. to start, there are a significant amount of Holidays.. starting with Halloween, transitioning into Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas and then wrapping up the season with New Years Eve/New Years Day. For most people (without addictions), this is a stressful time of year! People have to shop, They’re either spending a significant time around family and friends (who they may or may not get along with) @ all the Halloween and Christmas parties or they’re feeling lonely that they don’t have someone to spend time with, They’re having to contend with being offered extra food/desserts and drinks at all the holidays, Drinks Galore are available, etc. And if that’s not bad enough, add addiction to food, alcohol/drugs, codependency, on top of it. It certainly makes a ‘recipe’ for disaster.

During “Hurricane Season”, it is very important for people to make sure they’re doing specific things to maintain their sobriety and sanity. Some of which include:

1. Not staying at events the whole time– Get there late, leave early!
2. Attend more meetings and therapy sessions to make sure to process triggers
3. Be mindful about boundaries with toxic family friends and friends
4. Be surrounded by positive people
5. Practice mindfulness and take on one moment at a time

If you are worried about the upcoming “Hurricane Season” and feel you could use a little extra help during this particularly difficult time, please call 1-201-488-4849 today or visit our website at specializedtherapy.com. We look forward to working with you!