Recently, I read a quote that said, “You wake up to fight the same demons that left you so exhausted the day before. That’s bravery!” I felt inspired by that and thought.. Jeez, I wonder how many other people believe fighting our ‘demons’ is brave work. Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard people refer to things they’re struggling with as ‘demons’ but How many people actually explore what those ‘demons’ are?

We all know we have them but.. Do we really sit down and list them? Do we figure out an action plan on how to work on them? And even if we do, Do we stick with it without the accountability of a therapist? And lastly, Do we actually explore how our demons are preventing us from being in the present moment?

“Demons” do not always have to fall into what most people consider ‘negative’ qualities, like perhaps overindulging (eating, alcohol, gambling), being judgmental or jealous. They are just things that distract us from enjoying our lives fully. In fact, a lot of the time our ‘demons’ can be sneaky irrational thinking (that we usually don’t like to admit to anyone) such as..

1. An inability to internalize praise
2. Constantly doubting ourselves and our worth.
3. Thinking no one likes us and obsessing about our every move
4. Nervous thinking/imposter syndrome
5. People pleasing/codependency

A lot of individual’s struggle with a ‘perfect’ combination of ‘demons’ that leave them so consumed by what they need to do to be approved of by others that they do not learn how to approve of ourselves and are thus, unable to live in today.

If you find yourself struggling with being in the moment due to your ‘demons’ and would like some help finding your own intrinsic joy, Please reach out to Specialized Therapy Associates  and Fx Med Center today at 1-201-488-6678 and schedule an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you!