Money and financial stability are a concern for most people at some time in their lives. Teens and young adults look forward to their first car and paying for an apartment. Parents worry about paying bills and saving for college expenses. Older adults worry about having enough money to enjoy retirement. Overall, about 75% of Americans cite money as a worry.
Money is certainly important to provide the basics in life. But beyond that, we know money does not buy happiness. I recently heard a news article that exercise makes people happier than more money. So why do so many people want more? And why do some people have trouble holding onto it.

Money and social status have been connected. Some people feel that a more expensive car or house will make their life better. People with investments may worry about the health of their portfolio, how much have they gained or lost this week? While it is nice to have a reliable car and a home that is large enough for the family to fit comfortable, more is not always better. In regard to investments, follow sound financial advice. Then use the basic strategy of not overexposing yourself to too much input. Leave the pouring over every financial paper and opinion to the fund managers and stock brokers. And if you work in the financial industry, find a way to leave work in the office at the end of the day. Spend time with friends and family. Also look at how you eat and how much you exercise, or don’t. These can both impact on your mood.

For those who seem to have trouble holding onto their money, following a budget is a good idea. Using motivational strategies for impulsive purchases can also help. Tell yourself that you can have it later. When later comes, you may realize you don’t need or want it that badly. Use money to buy experiences that you really enjoy. Take lots of pictures to look back on happy memories. If you find you can’t resist spending and more spending, or worry and more worry, think about finding a therapist to help you work through these concerns.

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