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Children and COVID-19 Quarantine

As we continue in COVID-19 quarantine, children and parents are becoming increasingly frustrated and irritable. Normal routines and schedules are turned upside down and inside out. Kids and parents going out to school and work are now home. Everyone’s lives have been changed in some way. Although kids are home with family, they still struggle [...]

Money, Happiness and Worry

Money and financial stability are a concern for most people at some time in their lives. Teens and young adults look forward to their first car and paying for an apartment. Parents worry about paying bills and saving for college expenses. Older adults worry about having enough money to enjoy retirement. Overall, about 75% of [...]

What is Happiness? How can we Remain Happy?

Although the declaration of Independence bestows the “inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, no one tells us how to be happy. Some people just seem to be bright rays of sunshine all the time. Others struggle to feel happy and aren’t even sure what happiness is. What do happy people do [...]

The Power of Apology

"I'm sorry,"  we say as we offer an apology. "I'm sorry" we make our children say when they do something wrong. "I'm sorry," nations say to make amends for history.  But how do you make an apology that matters? "Don't say it unless you mean it" is often the response to an offhand apology. When [...]

Playing and Play Therapy

I remember being in middle school and waiting for the bus. We’d run around, cluster in groups giggling and watch the boys throw a baseball. Now I see kids waiting for the bus standing still, heads down, phones out and texting instead of talking. I wonder when kids forgot how to play. "Play is a [...]

Being an Eternal Optimist

When I came into the office last week one of my coworkers was complaining about the dreary, rainy day we had. I smiled and said "Yes, but at least my grass and flowers are getting watered!" That got a laugh from my co-worker. We went on our ways feeling happier. Yes, I am an optimist. Optimism [...]

The Value of R&R or Why I Want to be Lazy this Summer

I just want to be lazy this weekend. Is that such a bad thing? In our country, where high achievement and productivity are so highly regarded, lazy is almost a dirty word.  According the Washington Post, average work hours for Americans range between 47 and 49. Fifty percent of salaried workers report they work 50 [...]

Happiness in Aging – How to Find the Best in Life

More and more in the media, we see articles focused on aging in the American public. What are the risks inherent in aging? How do  we find strategies to protect our parents or ourselves as we age? What services are available for aging family members? While there are all important questions, I don't see much in the media [...]

Happiness Through the Holidays

Wow, we've completed October, Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving 3 weeks later. Hanukkah in another 3, Christmas and Kwanzaa 2 weeks after that and New Years in another 1. Six holidays in 10 weeks and, oh I forgot, election day is in there too. Happiness to all in this holiday season. With all these holidays, we should [...]

Help! What Happened to my Great Relationship?

We all want a wonderful relationship that will last our entire life. Unfortunately, current statistics have 40-50% of marriages ending in divorce. How do couples go from a great relationship to mediating through lawyers? How does anyone maintain a healthy relationship in or out of a marriage? First, relationships take work. I often use the analogy [...]


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