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Stop Phubbing and Speak to Me!

I was speaking with a friend recently about phones and texting, and he used the term ‘phubbing’. While I agree that texting is a viable form of communication, as a mental health professional, I’m concerned that too many teens and adults attempt to carry on a conversation through texting while they ignore the person standing in front of […]

Why be Nice – The Benefits of Being Kind

My mother used to tell me that if I couldn’t say something nice, then I shouldn’t say anything at all. In my adulthood, I have learned tact and how to speak assertively, so I no longer completely subscribe to mom’s dictate to be kind. But I do still believe there is a lot to be […]

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Willpower and Self Control

Looking at a surprisingly high credit card balance, people wish for willpower. After eating that extra piece of cake, people wish for more control. After spending so much time on-line that work projects suffer, people wish for self control.  There are many situations in our daily lives that would benefit from willpower and self control.

There certainly […]

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Back to School Relief – 10 Tips for Parents

10 Quick Back to School Relief Tips For Parents and Kids

Summer is coming to a close and even if kids want to forget that school exists, you can’t miss all the ‘School Day Sales’ signs in stores. There are several ways to ease the transition:

1. Talk to your child about going to school. Focus on […]

Sleep, Sleep, Help me Sleep!

Thousands of Americans, from children to adults, seem to have trouble sleeping.  Lack of sleep leaves people feeling more than just tired. Without it you have difficulty focusing and making decisions, difficulty with moodiness and irritability. People who are overtired may eat more, spend more, or get caught up in surfing the net all night – leading […]

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Stressed and Overwhelmed

Welcome to September, kids are back in school, summer vacations are over, quarterly work stresses start building, and then your car breaks down. You find you just want to  scream or cry because you are feeling so stressed and overwhelmed.

Welcome to life in America where we honor achievement and success even when it is attained […]