More and more in the media, we see articles focused on aging in the American public. What are the risks inherent in aging? How do  we find strategies to protect our parents or ourselves as we age? What services are available for aging family members? While there are all important questions, I don’t see much in the media about the benefits of aging and how to find happiness as we age.

I see articles that discuss career identity and transitioning from a full time job to retirement. What these articles generally don’t talk about is the satisfaction people may feel when they look back on a career well done. They don’t talk about the relief from early morning waking to manage a commute. Or having a nice slow cup of coffee watching the bird feeder before leaving for work. How work hours may change to avoid rush hour traffic entirely. How about the lack of stress from balancing full time work, family, home and all the attendant errands. This is also an important aspect of finding happiness as we age.

I see articles on the benefits of exercise for all ages. How exercise may not only support physical strength and agility, but preserve intellectual function. What I don’t see in these articles is the enjoyment aging individuals continue to get as they perform in master’s classes. The pride in being able to continue activities they may have done for years. And the incredulity in the face of a 20 year old when you’re 70 and mention that you just finished another marathon (or bike ride for charity or…). Seeing this can be a humorous aspect of finding happiness as we age.

Finally, kids, grandkids, friends and other activities all beckon.  There is real joy in playing with grandchildren who go home to mom and dad. And having time to spend with friends over lunch without feeling rushed. Or exploring those locations of hobbies you always said you were going to do. Now you can, and in doing so, will find true happiness in aging.

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