We often get stuck trying to achieve our goals. We set off with noble intentions. We’ll decide that we’re going to start working out, eating healthy, go back to school, move out, obtain financial security or even just simply learn a new hobby. We see other people toting their successes and achievements and yet somewhere, somehow we get stuck. It feels like everyone else is able to move forward on their goals so why can’t we? This can lead to feelings of failure or anxiety about “what is wrong with me?” However, very often it’s not about what the goal IS but rather HOW we defined the goal. Learning how to set goals will provide you with the best opportunity to achieving those goals.

Let’s look at one way to do this. The first thing you need to know is- SMART

Specific– Is your goal specific? Before pursuing a goal make sure it’s detailed and concise. Focus on the details of who, what, when, where and why. Having a specific goal helps it feel more tangible.

Measurable-How will you measure progress towards your goal? How will you know when you’ve attained your goal? Being able to measure your progress as well as when you’ve reached your goal can help with motivation.

Attainable/Action Oriented-Ask yourself if this goal is attainable at this time. Use verbs to describe how you will work towards your goal. Do you have control over making this goal happen? Set yourself up for success and ensure you can take the steps necessary to accomplish your goal.

Realistic & Relevant-How does this goal fit into your life currently? Is this goal important to your life or feasible with your current circumstances? Are you putting other things off or will something more important suffer?

Time Bound-What is my timeline? Is this a reasonable timeline? Does this timeline fit with what I’ve identified as Realistic and Attainable?

Taking a little bit of time to answer these questions can help make any goal more achievable.

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