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Love Myth: Do not confuse Abuse with Care

With Valentine’s Day approaching it is a good time to reflect on this love myth; that possessive desire is truly caring.

We have all heard of “crimes of passion” but this is confusing love with abuse.  Love and abuse are actually true opposites and have no compatibility together for a psychologically, emotionally and physically healthy relationship.

Here […]

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Managing Anger, not letting it manage you

Strategies for managing anger are not “quick fixes” but a deep and meaningful process to use overtime to address the pain and hurt underneath anger. Often individuals feel relief from anger through rage or violence behavior, but this is just a temporary release of adrenaline which pumps us up. The irrational nature of rage and […]

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Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Binge Eating

Most people find the holidays the hardest time to avoid binge eating.  There are celebrations, holiday parties, grocery stores packed with candy and desserts and a constant message that the holidays are all about food.  Not to mention the stress involved with the holidays!  During times of stress we are more likely to engage in […]

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Running on Empty and When to Refill

When our minds are ‘running on empty,’ we set ourselves up to be emotionally vulnerable.

As we drive a car, we pay attention to how much gas is being used so we know when to refill. Similarly, the more physical energy we exert, as exercise, running errands or playing with children etc., the increasingly tired or sore we begin to […]

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Relationship Warning Label: Jealousy

Jealousy is a negative emotion that can interfere with personal relationships and self-esteem. Learning how to constructively cope with feelings of jealousy can help one feel valued and worthwhile, beyond a showdown of a doubt, with or without love from your partner.

Twenty-first century culture depicts jealously as an expression of love mixed with paranoia; that […]

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Getting the Facts on Eating Disorder

Why are there so many myths and misinformation when it comes to eating disorders? It has been a mental health illness that has plagued women and men throughout history and yet we still have so much stigma and bias towards eating disorders. Let’s understand why and disprove some myths.

It probably won’t come as a shock […]

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Non-Attachment, or How to Just Let Go…

Most days I start my morning by rolling out my yoga mat. Most yoga classes follow a similar structure; starting with an intention and moment of meditation. As you begin, your yoga teacher might help remind you to practice “non-attachment.” Non-attachment is the idea of not feeling attached to the results of the class or […]

Achieving Your Goals

We often get stuck trying to achieve our goals. We set off with noble intentions. We’ll decide that we’re going to start working out, eating healthy, go back to school, move out, obtain financial security or even just simply learn a new hobby. We see other people toting their successes and achievements and yet somewhere, […]

Don’t Munch On Feelings: Stop Stress Eating

Don’t munch on feelings. Often we munch on feelings when we don’t have useful tools to cope with distressful feelings.

If you’ve identified yourself as someone who uses food to avoid and soothe a distressful emotion, then you may lack the necessary, non-food-related, tools to cope. Making this change is challenging as food is a very […]

Emotional Eating: Am I Guilty of it?

Why do we eat?  It seems like a simple enough question with a simple answer; to stay alive and fuel our body.  However, we know that the answer is sometimes not so simple.  Eating is tied to life events, to bring people together, to celebrations and holidays and for many people, eating is a way […]