Most days I start my morning by rolling out my yoga mat. Most yoga classes follow a similar structure; starting with an intention and moment of meditation. As you begin, your yoga teacher might help remind you to practice “non-attachment.” Non-attachment is the idea of not feeling attached to the results of the class or results of the movement. It helps us to prevent our ego from getting in the way of the benefits of the practice.

I remember first hearing this idea of non-attachment and thinking, “easy!” However, during the next 60 minutes I found my mind continuing to judge myself against others, found my mind critiquing what I couldn’t do or yelling at myself for fumbling with a pose I have done many times before. It reminded me of how hard non-attachment is and wondering how often we benefit from practicing non-attachment in our everyday lives.

Don’t get me wrong, results are important! The difference is choosing to accept or to resist that which we cannot change.  For example, how often have you found yourself angry with the weather or mad that your friend is running late? We can become easily frustrated with the results of something out of our control. Practicing non-attachment means noticing when these moments arise and deciding to accept the situation, accept the conditions, accept the limitations. This change in mindset can have a huge impact on how you go about the rest of your day. Are you frustrated and angry all day, see an opportunity to do something different or not have enough time to run and grab a coffee?

Next time you find yourself becoming upset, struggling or angry (either on or off your yoga mat) see if you can make a conscious choice about how to view a situation. See if you can simply let go…

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