Does your child have a hard time making and keeping friends? Have you noticed he or she may be overly shy and anxious about meeting new kids? There are many causes of poor social interaction, yet there are plenty of solutions to help! A social skills training group is ideal for helping children improve their social skills. We have one group for children ages 7 to 9 and another group of children ages 10 to 12. We use the Skillstreaming approach to addresses skill deficits related to classroom survival, making and keeping friends, and dealing with feelings, stress, and

Since the program requires reading in the group itself and of
handouts given as homework, the program is not appropriate for children too young to read. The program teaches children the component
steps of each skill, gives each child the opportunity to practice the
steps of the skill in the group with the other children and fosters
generalization of the skill by encouraging the child to use the skill at
home and at school. Each week, a new skill is focused. We emphasize those skills that the children’s parents have indicated as one which their child’s needs to practice to
become more comfortable and more accomplished when using. Each group
provides a supportive environment for each child to feel safe practicing
the skill and an opportunity to discuss any issues bothering them on a weekly basis. The social skills training group is an excellent setting to put your little one at ease while building their confidence!

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