Who here struggles with accountability, responsibility, or any form of stress?  I would imagine that there would be a lot of you. Luckily, The Wellness Plan is a great way to keep track of your goals and to move you forward even if you don’t know where to begin. Especially with the holidays upon us, a lot of us lose track of our priorities and find ourselves wandering aimlessly. This often results in a shame spiral & unfortunately, even less productivity.  The Wellness plan helps you to acknowledge the steps you would like to take to get better and which triggers get in the way of your success.

Despite the simplicity of the Wellness Plan, when asked why people are not satisfied with their life, we get a lot of excuses! Many things hinder success; negative people, lack of safe environment, unsupportive work setting, lack of pleasurable activities, poor sleep pattern, poor self-care, poor eating habits, etc etc etc. Often you’ll find when you make one positive change in your life, the others will be easier to make because you’ll like the way it feels to achieve. The Wellness Plan can also be helpful for individual situational events in which you feel stress will prevent you from being your best self in a situation.

Here is a sample wellness plan:

  • What are the goals that are important to me?
  • What steps do I need to take to get better?
  • What are my triggers?
  • What are my Internal & External coping strategies?
  • Who do I need to contact for help within my support network?

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