Clients sometimes make comments like, “How do I empower myself? I don’t even know how to go about healing. How do I start?” Self-empowerment is a path towards setting goals and strengthening and developing oneself. It requires taking personal responsibility and having a belief in an internal locus of control where one has the power to decide the quality and direction of one’s life. All efforts count; it is a lifelong journey. There are some climaxes but most of the journey is without “bells and whistles” and that is why it is essential that one create space for celebrating one’s own milestones and achievements.


Empowering Strategies:

  1. Mentally: adopt new empowering beliefs. Start by examining 3 or 4 core beliefs. Are they serving you in a positive or negative way? If they are negative, develop a new mindset and if they are positive cultivate them further. Say positive affirmations to yourself on a daily basis; create vision boards or develop an action plan.
  2. Socially/ Emotionally: acknowledge and express your feelings in a constructive way and seek support from family and friends. Start a gratitude journal or list. Let go of resentments or grudges and release toxic emotions such as shame and guilt. Engage in fun and stimulating social activities and periodically try new activities.
  3. Physically: nourish your body by eating healthy food, doing regular exercise, engaging in relaxation, mindful or meditative activities to release physical tension in the body.
  4. Spiritually: derive strength from your spiritual/ religious beliefs and community and if you don’t identify with spirituality or religion, adopt a life philosophy that speaks to a perspective about positivity or love. Participate in support groups and read inspiring materials.


Specialized Therapy Associates has a wide array of therapeutic services that can help support clients in their journeys towards true Self-Empowerment. Please call the Intake department at (201) 488-6678 to find out more information about available services.