When many people think of Recovering from Addiction, they envision attending a 28-day rehabilitation facility, daily Alcoholic/Narcotic Anonymous meetings, and never being able to drink or use again. Unfortunately, this stigma often scares people off from admitting they are struggling with addiction and getting the help they need. Have you ever thought to yourself  “I think I have too many glasses of wine per week” or “How do other people make it through the day without smoking weed daily like me?”. Or, Perhaps your substance use is progressing but you’re hesitant to use the terms ‘addict’ & ‘alcoholic’ because they sound shaming & harsh? If so, you’ve come to the right blog!

Just from a basic definition process, you are ‘addicted’ when you are unable to stop a behavior pattern or use of substances, despite negative consequences and despite your best efforts to stop. Recovering from addiction is not an easy process but, here at Specialized Therapy Associates, we take a comprehensive approach to substance-using that is not the typical one size fits modality of treatment. In fact, we recently started an Early Recovery Group in the Hackensack office, that runs on Thursdays from 7-8 PM for this very reason.

Its purpose is to give people a place to learn about their substance-using in a non-judgmental environment while encouraging them to practice non-addictive coping skills amongst other similarly struggling individuals. By providing a non-judgmental therapeutic environment with a clinician who specializes in addiction & codependency, all individuals affected either personally or vicariously by addiction and codependency will be able to develop the tools necessary to live in recovery.

We also understand that your addiction/substance-using has been a comfort for you for quite a while and it may be difficult to give up at first so the Early Recovery Group is targeted for the population who is seeking to reduce their substance-using at this point with the ultimate goal of learning how to maintain a happy balanced life while recovering from addiction.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and you believe they could benefit from the Early Recovery Group or individual therapy in order to start recovering from addiction, please call Specialized Therapy Associates today at 1-201-488-6678.

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