Parents and Teenagers: Understanding Emotions Can Help Form Bonds

Parents and Teenagers need to have a comphrensive understaning of each other. Having an understanding of how a teenager’s emotions develop can give parents useful strategies to better parent and avoid a situation from elevating. Using the scenario below, we can analyze how a teenager’s emotions develop and figure out a way to retell the […]

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Using Validation to Promote Change for Children

Many parents struggle with determining the most effective way to respond when their child is distressed and provide validation. Sometimes what might feel like the best response can actually make the situation worse. The scenario below highlights such a situation:
David is 15 years old and later his parents have noticed him acting out in an […]

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Don’t Munch On Feelings: Stop Stress Eating

Don’t munch on feelings. Often we munch on feelings when we don’t have useful tools to cope with distressful feelings.

If you’ve identified yourself as someone who uses food to avoid and soothe a distressful emotion, then you may lack the necessary, non-food-related, tools to cope. Making this change is challenging as food is a very […]

Recovering from Addiction: How to Survive

When many people think of Recovering from Addiction, they envision attending a 28-day rehabilitation facility, daily Alcoholic/Narcotic Anonymous meetings, and never being able to drink or use again. Unfortunately, this stigma often scares people off from admitting they are struggling with addiction and getting the help they need. Have you ever thought to yourself  “I […]

Communication Skills: Being Right Vs Happy

Maybe you’ve had this experience: a friend, relative or significant other makes a complaint about something you did, and all of a sudden you are in a no-holds-barred war of words. It is very common for simple complaints to turn into a win/lose power struggle. Many times when we get into these situations, the importance […]

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Emotional Suffering: Using Mindfulness to Help

Everyone at some point in time experiences distressing emotions. It could be related to the loss of a job, a relationship, a changed lifestyle or even having a new president. Often, the strategies we use to manage these feelings do not help. Some people try to avoid their feelings by distracting themselves with other activities […]

Replenishing the Well: You Should Consider It

When most people are asked how they relax, replenish or de-stress, they will usually either say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘have a glass of wine’/some form of self-medicating behavior (followed by a laugh). Now ask yourself, How do I de-stress? Do you work at  ‘Replenishing the Well’ at the end of a hard work week […]

Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance is one of the techniques utilized in Dialectical
Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I thought I could find out just what Radical
Acceptance is by checking out the book entitled “Radical Acceptance” by
Tara Brach, PhD (2003). Not surprisingly, this approach is about accepting
ourselves. But it is not accepting just the good […]

Communication Lessons to Learn from the Election

Regardless of your political allegiance, there is a great deal that can be learned about effective communication by watching how the presidential candidates interacted with each other this election year. More importantly, the way in which many ideas that candidates expressed were invalidated by their political opponents gives us valuable information on the importance of […]

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Emotional Health and The Winter Season

Now that the winter season is ending, there is much we can learn from it about factors that impact our emotional health. In the winter, the temperatures are (generally) low, there’s less sunlight and often people are required to stay inside for longer periods of time. As a result, we can sometimes find our emotions […]