Communication Lessons to Learn from the Election

Regardless of your political allegiance, there is a great deal that can be learned about effective communication by watching how the presidential candidates interacted with each other this election year. More importantly, the way in which many ideas that candidates expressed were invalidated by their political opponents gives us valuable information on the importance of [...]

Emotional Health and The Winter Season

Now that the winter season is ending, there is much we can learn from it about factors that impact our emotional health. In the winter, the temperatures are (generally) low, there’s less sunlight and often people are required to stay inside for longer periods of time. As a result, we can sometimes find our emotions [...]

Negative Emotions and Reducing Vulnerability to it

With a change in season, people often experience a change in their vulnerability to negative emotions. Being that there are many things outside of our control as it relates to stuff that impacts our mood (traffic, news, and weather just to name a few), it is important that we put as much effort as possible [...]


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