When most people are asked how they relax, replenish or de-stress, they will usually either say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘have a glass of wine’/some form of self-medicating behavior (followed by a laugh). Now ask yourself, How do I de-stress? Do you work at  ‘Replenishing the Well’ at the end of a hard work week or a stressful life event? Usually, it’s obvious that we need to de-stress when we feel wound up but unfortunately, we often utilize all our resources for these events and do not have any left for normal day-to-day self-care. Hence.. the importance of Replenishing the Well.

If you don’t know what it means to ‘Replenish the Well’, you’ve come to the right place. The metaphorical “Well” is where we keep all our coping skills and is the place we go when we need to take care of ourselves.  Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, and Spiritually through our 5 senses. Replenishing it is important to order to make sure it is stocked with skills & tools to utilize when you need them the most. Think of an emotional/spiritual bank of America. We have to make deposits in addition to the withdrawals, right?

In the interest of living a balanced life, it is important to be involved in activities, enjoy time with others, and have a healthy work-life balance. This is where self-care comes to the rescue. In DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), we call this ‘Self Soothing’ and especially now that the winter is coming & the time of ‘Seasonal Depression’ is upon us. Replenishing the Well is even more important to ensure you have all the skills to make it through! Here are some examples:

Vision:   Be mindful of the sights that pass you; art, flowers, nature, watching the flame on a candle, walk around town, watch the stars, etc.

Hearing:  Listening to music you enjoy, listening to the birds, rainfall, rustling leaves, sing/hum a tune.

Smelling:  Use nice smelling lotions, spray perfume in the air, light a scented candle, bake something, smell flowers

Tasting: Enjoy a good meal, slowly eat a peppermint candy, Drink a hot tea or a cold glass of water– Make sure you are really present while eating the food

Touch: Take a bubble bath, put a warm or cold compress on your head, get under a warm blanket, soak your feet, brush your hair, put on a comfortable shirt/pants, play with your dog/cat

If you’d like to learn more about how to self soothe, call STA at 1-201-488-6678 and we will be happy to help!