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Improv In Therapy: The Power of ” Yes. And!”

Some people bring in an agenda of what they want to talk about in session and try very hard to make sure everything gets addressed within that time. This can be helpful, but what if only one of those items gets addressed in great depth, or if you end up entirely off-topic? That’s why I […]

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Fitting in is Hard to Do: Calling All Sour Patch Kids!

Fitting in is hard to do, especially when you look around and realize that you don’t match anyone else around you. It’s hard to not feel that there must be something wrong with you and that you have to change or try to hide your true nature. This is especially how so many kids can […]

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Leveling the Playing Field: How to Achieve Self-love

What happens when you walk into a room that’s already filled with people? Most likely you scan your eyes across everyone who is there and try to sum them up based on whatever cues you can observe. Quickly you decide who is wearing better clothes than you, who wears their hair nicer than you do, […]

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Your Self Spectrum

Everyone knows what it means to be selfish, right? Technically the definition is lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Some synonyms are egotistical, self-indulgent, and even narcissistic. And everyone knows what it means to be selfless, right? It’s defined as being concerned more with the needs and wishes […]

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Anxiety and Whack- a- Mole Management

This is one of the most challenging games at the arcade, and a lot of fun, since you get to whack at something with a huge mallet and no one gets hurt, or files a lawsuit. It’s also something that reminds me of the game anxiety likes to play, with high stakes, since it plays […]

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Stone Soup

There are many versions to this tale. However, here is a summary of the one I prefer, whose author, unfortunately, is not known. Three hungry soldiers came upon a small village, but the villagers had nothing to offer them since they had a very poor harvest that year and didn’t want to share what little […]

Frenemies and Anxiety: Maintaining Control

No, this isn’t about tween drama, but it is about something that can cause all sorts of drama in our lives; anxiety. Anxiety can be looked at as trying to control something beyond your control. By this explanation, it creates a very specific dynamic between itself and control. That is that anxiety and control become […]

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Transitions: The Precedent Year

Transitions are something that can happen at any stage of your life, and often you look back on the last time you had to deal with a big change in order to get you through the next one. However, there is one year, in particular, that is typically the first transition of such significance that […]

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Stocking The Dark: Dealing with Frustration

It can be very easy as a therapist to get frustrated when you’ve been working with someone and you haven’t seen any real progress, even after week after week of offering several suggestions that you know would be helpful.  Then one day, as sudden as a flip of a switch, something happens.  This person has […]

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Be My Guest – Exploring Our Emotions

No, I’m not going to start quoting the song, “Be My Guest”  from Beauty and the Beast, although that movie could be a topic for a whole other blog entry.  I’m simply offering an open invitation to every emotion that exists. Extending this invitation is something I often suggest to the people with whom I […]

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