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How May I Make You Uncomfortable?

Many people enter therapy hoping to find a comfortable place to promote making positive changes in their lives.  I feel that a part of my responsibility in encouraging this change involves making people as uncomfortable as possible, especially when so many people are comfortable with unhealthy things.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Life begins outside your […]

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The Power of Being Broken: Crocodiles in the River

The Power of Being Broken

I’ve recently come across an article written by Julie Peters that introduced me to a very interesting figure that I wanted to pass on.  Meet Akhilandeshvari, (pronounced ah-kee-LAN-desh-va-ree) we’ll call her Akhilanda for short.  She is the Hindu goddess of Never-Not-Broken.  She derives her power from always being broken; in flux, […]

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Kids Who Are Different

This post centers around the poem, Kids Who Are Different, by Digby Wolfe. Everyone wants to fit in, right? No one wants to be identified as the one different from all the rest. This is especially the case with adolescents. As adolescents try to claim their own independence away from their families they are looking […]

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Can I Change?: Learning how to Grow

So often I am asked, “Do you think people can really change?” or more importantly,  “Can I Change?” My answer is always “Yes” because I see it happen right in front of me every day. Now that doesn’t mean that it is easy or there is a secret formula to make this happen. Neither does […]

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Why Group Therapy?

Why Group Therapy?

Often times when someone is ready to participate in therapy they want to sit individually with someone to help guide them in making improvements in their own lives.  This is why it can come as a shock when a therapist might then suggest a group. It’s at that point that the therapist has […]

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