Why Group Therapy?

Often times when someone is ready to participate in therapy they want to sit individually with someone to help guide them in making improvements in their own lives.  This is why it can come as a shock when a therapist might then suggest a group. It’s at that point that the therapist has recognized how a group can be beneficial to that person even if it might not have been what the individual was initially looking for.  Since the benefits are so effective in making a positive change it then becomes worth taking a closer look at even if the individual is ambivalent at first.  Here are some of those benefits that as a group therapist I’ve personally had the honor of witnessing and why I promote groups to even some of the most resistant individuals.

A wonderful thing happens when you realize that you are not alone.  It is this reason why normalizing is probably the biggest advantage of group therapy.  It helps people realize that there are other people who have similar concerns, who experience the same difficulties, and who simply feel the same way.  This can be a revelation and a huge relief.

Groups help develop social skills.  By the nature of a group, you are engaging in social activity by participating in it due to others being present.  Learning how to interact with other group members can then help improve relationships outside of the group by members utilizing those skills in their own personal lives.

Groups provide support.  The group provides the opportunity for members to validate and back up how they might be feeling in a way that doesn’t happen in individual therapy. This is done through members relating to each other, and being able to hear a second and third opinion all in one session.

Groups provide feedback.  Getting feedback offers hope and a different perspective from someone in a similar situation at a different stage of the process.  Giving feedback builds self-confidence, makes someone’s opinion feel valued, and is rewarding by providing a chance to help someone.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a group therapy session, please contact Specialized Therapy Associates at 201-488-6678 to see if there is a group that’s right for you.