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Raising a Child: How to Achieve Success

If only there was a specific step by step guide that could help you along the way in raising a child. Well, why not? There's a manual for everything else out there, and if not, you could always look it up online, right? Unfortunately, it's not that simple. However, there are two key factors that [...]

Removing Toxic People: The Push-Pull

Removing toxic people from your life is sometimes essential in order to live healthier. When their actions are obviously unhealthy that makes it easier to do. But what about the relationships where it’s not always so obvious? Or if they're family so you will always need them in your life in some way? That’s what [...]

Anxiety the Superhero

Very often I have people come in to see me and they want their anxiety gone. That's when I take out my wand, swish, and flick. Of course, nothing happens, so I'm either a muggle, my wand is broken, or it doesn't just go away. Obviously, it's the latter of the three, but that's OK. [...]

Anxiety: Driver, Passenger, or Gum?

So many times I've worked with people who ask, "How do I make this anxiety go away?!" Other than taking out my magic wand, which doesn't seem to work no matter how many times I swish and flick, the truth is that anxiety doesn't go away. Yet, that's not a life sentence of misery either. If [...]

The Golden Loophole: How to Manage Anxiety

I am also sure many of you have heard of the golden rule, right? It basically means treating others the way you want to be treated. It's a great sentiment really. However, what happens when, even though you've treated someone the way you want to be treated, they don't treat you the same way back? [...]

Being Different

Everyone wants to fit in, right? Being different is considered a negative trait in our society. This is especially the case with adolescents. As adolescents try to claim their own independence away from their families they are looking for a place to reattach their identity in order to have a sense of belonging. Adolescents look [...]

Being Different: Support Groups

Being Different is often viewed as a bad thing. Everyone wants to fit in, right? No one wants to be identified as the one different from all the rest. This is especially the case with adolescents. As adolescents try to claim their own independence away from their families they are looking for a place to [...]

Anxiety: The Hunter and How to Not Be Prey

Change is stressful simply because it’s something you’re not used to, even if it’s positive. It then becomes a breeding ground for anxiety as well, causing certain issues to resurface even if you thought you’ve dealt with them well enough in the past. As things breed they get hungry, it’s how they grow. One of [...]

Giving Your Full 50% in a Relationship

You always hear that it’s important to give it your all in a relationship- your 100%. Sometimes there’s the exaggeration of giving it your 110% or even 150%, which is actually impossible unless you’re dealing with volume, but this isn’t meant to be a science lesson. Instead, with relationships, I think you should give it [...]

What If?…How to Combat Your Anxiety

What if you didn’t ever use 'what if?' Simply put, since you can put that phrase in front of everything, why put it in front of anything? It no longer has any significance if its use is so universal that using it would imply that any potential scenario is possible. How could one possibly plan [...]


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