What happens when you walk into a room that’s already filled with people? Most likely you scan your eyes across everyone who is there and try to sum them up based on whatever cues you can observe. Quickly you decide who is wearing better clothes than you, who wears their hair nicer than you do, who appears smarter than you, who seems nicer than you are, even who has a better job than you do and a more loving family. And what does this get you other than feeling bad about yourself?… Nothing! It’s time to begin leveling the playing field.

The funny thing is since this is what everyone does once they enter a room, what happens if someone else enters the room and you’re already in there? Well, then you become one of the people that this new person has decided is better than them. If everyone walks into a room thinking that everybody else who is already there has their lives more put together than their own, then it levels the playing field because everyone feels the same. If people could start seeing each other as the same instead of predetermining differences that most likely don’t even exist, not only would you feel better about yourself and have the confidence to accomplish what you want, but people would be more understanding of each other as well. If the need to compare yourself is so strong, then only compare your current self to the person you might have been in your past. This is when true improvement can happen. Whereas comparing yourself to others only sets you back.

If you’re struggling with always seeing the grass being greener on another field call Specialized Therapy Associates (STA) at (201) 488-6678, so that we can help show you how to make your own field healthier. Leveling the playing field can be hard, but self-love is worth it!