As the days grow shorter and cooler temps set in, we can sometimes feel down, and tenser. Factor in the holidays around the corner and it becomes even more important to maintain daily wellness rituals and self-care this autumn.

Here are 6 simple ways to honor the season and provide a solid foundation of self-care this autumn before you head into winter.

Stay grounded.

Bring in fresh turmeric and ginger. Well known for their anti-inflammatory properties, it’s easy to add these rhizomes to your favorite fall dishes, or even your morning smoothie. Roast some root vegetables such as squash, sweet potatoes, carrots or fennel. These are the “good carbs” we need to stay nourished and fight sugar cravings.

Keep moving.

Fight the urge to become less active as you start to head indoors. Maintain your daily walk or favorite class to support mood, detoxification, and sound sleep. If you move outside in the morning sun, expect even greater benefits. Sunlight helps reset your body’s biological clock and provides a boost of vitamin D.

Warm it up.

Warming spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom add sweetness without added sugar. They also have health-supportive properties, such as aiding in digestion, providing antioxidants, and boosting circulation. Try a blend such as a pumpkin pie spice or Garam Masala if you’re feeling creative.

Consider a bath.

Not just for little ones, a warm bath in the evening can help ease you into sleep more easily. This is thanks to the drop in core body temperature that occurs. For optimal results take your bath 1-2 hours before bed. Add in some candles and relaxing music to soothe your mind in addition to your muscles. Don’t have a bathtub? A warm shower works too.

Just say no…thank you.

If the party invitations and holiday plans are already creating stress, slow down. Mindfully choose which events you actually want to attend, leaving space for adequate rest and downtime. If you struggle to say no, practice bowing out with grace, “Thank you for thinking of me, but I won’t be able to attend this year. I hope you have a fantastic time.”

Stay hydrated.

If you tend to drink more water in the summer, know it is important to stay hydrated year-round. Continue to fill up that (glass or stainless steel) water bottle to take with you each day. Start your morning with a full glass of water as you’re getting ready. If you notice headaches or low energy, try a full glass of water before popping a pill or reaching for more coffee.

Bonus tip: Let it go. Allow yourself time to adjust to seasonal changes. Transition to a new rhythm by listening to your body and mind. Determine for yourself what you actually need for optimal well-being. Like the trees, shed what no longer serves you and let it fall away.


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By Anna Sandbank, LCSW, Director of Integrative Mind-Body Health

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice or replace treatment or intervention by a medical or mental health professional.