There is no denying that we are living through an extremely challenging time in the midst of COVID-19. There are limits on socializing, activities, work, etc in addition to the normal everyday stressors. People are trying to embrace the ambiguity of it, but honestly… It seems like most people are struggling emotionally, psychologically, financially, just to name a few. Every time we turn on the TV, we are reminded of the uncertain times we are living in with another “COVID-19” update. These often focus on the number of deaths per day. As if your own anticipatory anxiety of getting sick (or worse) is not bad enough, Losing a loved one during COVID-19 makes an already challenging time, even more complicated.

Both the American Psychological Association and ABC News segments alike are all exploring grief in the age of social distancing and the unique challenges it presents in terms of losing a loved one during COVID-19. We hear about how this is affecting physicians & nurses and how awful it is for people to have to die alone, not surrounded by their loved ones & how many have to say goodbye to their loved ones over Face Time. What about those of you who have to grieve while also maintaining social distance and thus, not have a memorial in a timely manner? 

Support You Need

That’s where Specialized Therapy Associates (STA) comes in. Times like these require extra support & resources to help you keep your head above the water. STA can help you to navigate the early winding roads of grief and provide that extra listening ear that you need to process and make meaning of this recent loss. We can help you to not feel so alone, validate your thoughts & feelings, and encourage you to share, while others in your life grieve alongside you. 

If you or someone you know has lost someone during the COVID-19 pandemic (whether to COVID or not) and are struggling to grieve & find closure, please reach out to STA today by calling 201-488-6678. We look forward to working with you & providing you support during this difficult time.