There are times when we create problems for ourselves or over complicate things in our lives. Sometimes we believe that EVERYTHING is urgent and must be attended to right now OR ELSE. Sometimes emergencies can feel very commonplace. This sense of urgency oftentimes drives the behavior of people with controlling or obsessive personalities or those with anxiety. In the fast-paced world, we live in almost everyone wants things done yesterday but, this can be an unhealthy way of facing life’s challenges. It’s important to remember that we can create more stress by stretching ourselves thin and setting unrealistic expectations. Working ourselves to the bone only leaves us more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Many of the clients that seek our counseling services come to us feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the challenges of daily life. Often times during therapy we discover how clients create or exacerbate problems in their lives. When a person lives their life believing that EVERYTHING is urgent, they are in a constant state of stress and panic. When we allow ourselves to reflect on the things we are doing and why we can begin to prioritize and focus on what’s truly important to us. This allows us to see that not everything has to be done this instant. We can begin to see that our world doesn’t fall apart when we don’t feed into this emergency trap. This way of thinking and behaving is a trap because it’s impossible to get everything done before something else comes along that feels just as urgent. So beware of the Emergency Trap and ask yourself  Does this really have to be done right now?


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