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Creating Change: What’s the Plan?

Most of us are often thinking about making changes in our lives. Whether big or small, change if often an inevitable part of life itself. When we desire a change, we often want to make that change RIGHT NOW and we want it to be quick and painless. The problem is that with any life […]

Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Binge Eating

Most people find the holidays the hardest time to avoid binge eating.  There are celebrations, holiday parties, grocery stores packed with candy and desserts and a constant message that the holidays are all about food.  Not to mention the stress involved with the holidays!  During times of stress we are more likely to engage in […]

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Running on Empty and When to Refill

When our minds are ‘running on empty,’ we set ourselves up to be emotionally vulnerable.

As we drive a car, we pay attention to how much gas is being used so we know when to refill. Similarly, the more physical energy we exert, as exercise, running errands or playing with children etc., the increasingly tired or sore we begin to […]

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Exercise and Fitness Coaching

Exercise and Fitness must always be goal-oriented. However, many people aren’t always successful at meeting their goals because of a lack of criteria when establishing them. The #1 fitness/exercise goal is always to lose weight, especially around New Years’. Forbes magazine did a survey and estimated that about only 8% of people are able to […]

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The Anxiety/Stress Management Program

The Anxiety/Stress Management Program and Support Group Offered at Specialized Therapy Associates

Everyone worries from time to time, but sometimes anxiety can become all-consuming, inhibiting everyday life. Most of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives. It is a normal response to threatening situations. Under certain circumstances, anxiety can actually help us to […]

The Stigma of Medication: Don’t Feel Bad about it

The world we live in is obsessed with success and what it means to be successful and the stigma of medication. It is easy to see why some people view a setback or a mistake as a failure. It can be a blow to an individual’s ego and self-esteem if they think this way and […]

Relationship Warning Label: Jealousy

Jealousy is a negative emotion that can interfere with personal relationships and self-esteem. Learning how to constructively cope with feelings of jealousy can help one feel valued and worthwhile, beyond a showdown of a doubt, with or without love from your partner.

Twenty-first century culture depicts jealously as an expression of love mixed with paranoia; that […]

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Positive Affirmations: Be Kind to Yourself

Most of us carry around messages we received in childhood about the world, about others, and about ourselves. We receive messages from the outside world–our family members, friends, teachers–all throughout our lives. The messages we receive about ourselves can be positive or negative. The negative messages we receive, even at an early age, can lead […]

Climbing Advice

There are many books with metaphors from various sports giving advice about how to live a better life. One such book with valuable lessons is Learning to Climb Indoors by Eric Hörst. This is a book for those interested in this sport of ever-increasing popularity. (You get that ‘o’ with the two dots over it […]

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Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents

Mindfulness has become almost a buzzword in our culture. Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment without judgment. Current research has found that there are practical applications for mindfulness in therapy.  Karen Hooker and Iris Fodor’s 2008 article on mindfulness and children provides practical examples for how to teach children mindfulness skills.

Children and adolescents […]