Marriage and Mindfulness: Wedding Perfection

When I got engaged a year & a half ago, I truly had no idea how stressful it would be to actually plan a wedding. Despite hearing how difficult it was from others & how excited they were that it was over. I was determined that the wedding blues would not happen to me! I […]

Anxiety: The Hunter and How to Not Be Prey

Change is stressful simply because it’s something you’re not used to, even if it’s positive. It then becomes a breeding ground for anxiety as well, causing certain issues to resurface even if you thought you’ve dealt with them well enough in the past. As things breed they get hungry, it’s how they grow. One of […]

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The Anxiety/Stress Management Program

The Anxiety/Stress Management Program and Support Group Offered at Specialized Therapy Associates

Everyone worries from time to time, but sometimes anxiety can become all-consuming, inhibiting everyday life. Most of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives. It is a normal response to threatening situations. Under certain circumstances, anxiety can actually help us to […]

Achieving Your Goals

We often get stuck trying to achieve our goals. We set off with noble intentions. We’ll decide that we’re going to start working out, eating healthy, go back to school, move out, obtain financial security or even just simply learn a new hobby. We see other people toting their successes and achievements and yet somewhere, […]

Restorative Yoga: How to Reduce Anxiety

Everyone knows about doing yoga to increase flexibility, balance, and strength, but what about doing yoga to reduce anxiety and/or depression? In her book Yoga for Emotional Balance, Bo Forbes, PsyD, discusses how with as little as fifteen to thirty minutes of twice-weekly breathing exercises and Restorative Yoga, people’s thinking can become less emotionally reactive. […]

The How of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy and many people have advice on how to achieve happiness. Much of this advice is anecdotal. What Sonja Lyubomirsky offers is a comprehensive guide based on scientific research, the first book about becoming happier authored by someone who has actually conducted research about how to succeed in accomplishing this in […]

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Transitions: The Precedent Year

Transitions are something that can happen at any stage of your life, and often you look back on the last time you had to deal with a big change in order to get you through the next one. However, there is one year, in particular, that is typically the first transition of such significance that […]

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Stocking The Dark: Dealing with Frustration

It can be very easy as a therapist to get frustrated when you’ve been working with someone and you haven’t seen any real progress, even after week after week of offering several suggestions that you know would be helpful.  Then one day, as sudden as a flip of a switch, something happens.  This person has […]

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Adjusting to Change: How to Deal With Uncertainty

Adjusting to Change can be a hard thing to truly do or even understand. Sometimes you make plans for weeks and look forward to the long weekend.  Then suddenly one of your family members gets sick and you are forced to change your plans. You are now stuck at home taking care of your loved […]

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How May I Make You Uncomfortable?

Many people enter therapy hoping to find a comfortable place to promote making positive changes in their lives.  I feel that a part of my responsibility in encouraging this change involves making people as uncomfortable as possible, especially when so many people are comfortable with unhealthy things.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Life begins outside your […]

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